Management Structure

Management Structure

Astra is 90% owned by Trauma Center, a renowned Orthopaedic Hospital started by Dr AFM Ruhal Haque. The other directors are Ela Haque, wife of Dr Haque, and Dr Mehjebin Haque, Daughter of Dr Haque. The Company is managed by Ziaul Haque, who is the Managing Director and represents Trauma Center on the Board. Ziaul Haque is also Managing Director of Trauma CenterOrthopaedic Hospital.

Dr Ruhal Haque is the Chief Advisor for Astra and Trauma Center and provides guidance and advice towards the companies. His valuable experience in the Health Sector gives us an edge in the market to ensure quality products and also brand name recognition.

Other than the board, Astra also has a strong professional management team. The team is constituted of the following persons:


Managing Director

Ziaul Haque, MSc, B.Eng. (Telecoms)

Ziaul has vast management experience having worked internationally and locally over the last 18 years. He has experience in IT and Telecoms working at Link3, Banglalink, Sharp Telecoms Europe after which he gained vast business experience through senior management positions at Trauma Center, Nalta Hospital NGO, Mos5 Tel IGW, and Astra. Ziaul is also a EC member of BAPI, Bangladesh aushodh shiplap shamity.